Best Professional I.N.O Mask Hair care
Best Professional I.N.O Mask Hair care

I.N.O Mask 1.7 oz

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Our mask for dry damaged hair is designed to instantly improve hair conditions like frizz, dryness, and lack of shine. In only four minutes you will be impressed with your own hair. It will get softer, smoother, and shinier with no additional products or hard styling techniques used. Just shampoo your hair – no conditioner. Apply 1-2 pumps of the INO hair repair mask on damp hair and wait 4 minutes. Style as usual or simply blow dry your hair and enjoy your newly restored hair.

In the past 15 years, there have been a few key products that became revolutionary in the beauty market. These product innovations provided shine, anti-frizz, smoothness, detangling, color protection, split end repair, and most recently protein treatments for hair. Our chemists have developed a revolutionary treatment that combines all of these best benefits…INSTANTLY! I.N.O. Instant Hair Repair Mask is a leave-in treatment that can be used both by professionals in salons, or at home. The best part is, the active ingredients that perform these benefits are all derived from natural sources. On the inside, I.N.O.’s cutting-edge scientific ingredient instantly strengthens and repairs hair, while also keeping your color from fading. On the outside, it gives you amazingly shiny, detangled, frizz-free, and soft hair.


Our hair is easily damaged by many factors, including the environment, chemical treatments, and heat from styling tools. INO instant hair repair mask works from the inside of the hair where the bonds are located. Our formula is a vegan hair protein treatment designed to strengthen and repair these bonds from the inside. On the outside restoring the cuticle is achieved through extreme moisturizing, adding to protection and pH balancing. The result is hair that is truly improved with a noticeable increase in shine, softness, and manageability.

What makes INO Haircare Special?

INO haircare combines an advanced scientific approach with natural effective remedies. Our formula is developed by a chemist in the lab using naturally-derived ingredients for the best results and with care for your hair. We do not use harsh chemicals. Our vegan hair protein treatment comes from plant-based ingredients like potato, corn, and tamarind fruit. We believe, that the benefits of incorporating Nature in beauty formulas are the best solution.


When it comes to products people buy, consumers are increasingly going green. Many beauty brands are creating eco-friendly products and packaging for those consumers who love their beauty products, but also care about the environment. Plant-based beauty products are more sustainable than traditional beauty products because of their sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and selling processes. By using natural, sustainable formulas you avoid many of the toxic elements found in popular brands. Chemicals such as BHA and BHT, coal tar dyes, aluminum, and dibutyl phthalate -are all damaging to the environment and to our health. Choosing natural, plant-based beauty products is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and become more ecologically aware. Plant-based beauty products are not only kinder to you and your hair but to animals as well. Beauty brands aren’t required to tell you that they test on animals, so it can be difficult to know whether the beauty products you use are actually ethical or not. We are certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny as a 100% Cruelty-Free brand.

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