Best Professional Jaguar Student Kit NextGen ERGO
Best Professional Jaguar Student Kit NextGen ERGO

Jaguar - Student Kit NextGen ERGO

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The hairdressing scissor set JAGUAR NEXT GENERATION includes all the fundamental hairdressing tools you need in the salon. Our hairdressing scissors in the PRE STYLE series form the perfect basis for any hairdresser. The “Next Generation” Basic Set includes one set of hairdressing scissors and the matching texturing scissors. The set comes in both classic handle shape and an offset version. Also comes with a JAGUAR R1 M CORAL shaper, so you are in an ideal position for anything that may come up in your day-to-day work in the salon. The offset version of the “Next Generation” set is also available as hairdressing scissors for left-handed users.

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Both the offset and classic versions of the hairdressing scissors that come with the set feature a microserrated cutting edge. The texturing scissors have 28 thinning teeth and are outstanding for thinning the hair. The razor R1 M CORAL includes standard JAGUAR blades.


Both types of scissors are made in Germany for top quality. The satin finish look has a timeless appearance, but for real eye candy, look no further than the bright, interchangeable finger ring inserts in the fun CORAL design. The razor R1 M with metal blade holder and the JAGUAR A-LINE comb are striking in the same trendy color.


In the classic handle shape, the two handle rings are positioned symmetrically, one over the other. This makes the handle position of the hairdressing scissors straight, and the recesses in the handles on both sides give added stability when guiding the scissors. This provides a traditional feel during cutting. The offset design offers an ergonomic handle position. The offset (diagonally positioned) handles relieve strain on the hand and elbow, so you can relax while working. The removable finger rest offers a comfortable place to rest your little finger, allowing for stability when guiding the hairdressing scissors. The screw system combines with the blades to deliver easy, excellent movement of the scissors, making it pleasantly easy to cut hair with these hairdressing scissors. Make sure you have the perfect settings. Too loose? Too tight? The VARIO screw lets you adjust the tension very easily using a coin.


Each scissor set JAGUAR NEXT GENERATION contains one pair of PRE-STYLE hairdressing scissors and one of thinning scissors in the 5.5” size. Depending on your chosen handle shape, this is either a PRE-STYLE RELAX (offset) or PRE-STYLE ERGO (classic). In the left-handed version, the hairdressing scissors come in the 5.75” size and the texturing scissors in 5.25”.

The set also comes with the razor JAGUAR R1 M CORAL, including 10 double blades, and a JAGUAR A-LINE CORAL hair comb in the 7.25” size. Finger ring inserts for the hairdressing scissors in the bright, matching CORAL-colour are included. Store your whole set securely and stylishly in the hairdresser’s tool bag JAGUAR ROLL-UP BAG SILVER (dimensions when open: approx. W 46 x H 26).

  • Full-range hairdressing scissor set for beginner stylists
  • Featuring classic or offset handle design
  • Satin finish look
  • Products included:
    Hairdressing scissors RELAX (Offset) or ERGO (Classic)
    Texturing scissors RELAX 28 (Offset) or ERGO 28 (Classic)
    Razor R1 M CORAL
    Razor blades R1 BLADES
    Hair comb A-LINE CORAL
    Hairdresser’s tool bad ROLL-UP BAG SILVER

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