Prorituals Bluelight Lightening Powder
Prorituals Bluelight Lightening Powder

Prorituals Bluelight Lightening Powder

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Bluelight Professional Lightening Powder is an off the scalp, blue-based, lightening powder with a pleasant apple scent. This dust-free formula will give you up to 6 levels of lightening (with a 40 volume developer). For on the scalp lightener, add 1 teaspoon of Hair and Scalp Therapy oil to Bluelight mixture.

With a mix ratio of 2 to 1, this easy to mix and apply lightener will give you the desired level of lift with less damage. Add 1 teaspoon (5 grams). Use PRORITUALS Hair and Scalp Therapy oil to replace fatty acids leaving hair in excellent condition.

The thick creamy consistency of PRORITUALS BlueLight Lightener will help ensure:

Foils will not slip
Balayage is simple and easy
BlueLight stays moist with low swell
Predictable results
Mixing: We recommend mixing one level scoop with 2 oz. of your chosen PRORITUALS developer.

On The Scalp: Must add 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of PRORITUALS Hair and Scalp Therapy oil to each scoop of lightener.

Timing: As with any powder lightener, it is necessary to check every five minutes until the desired amount of lift has been achieved. Heat will, of course, accelerate timing.

For Fine or Fragile Hair: 1 oz. PRORITUALS Spray Treat may be added for a gentler formula—guarantees a better condition.

*Always remember to use PRORITUALS Hair and Scalp Therapy oil in your lightener mixture to keep hair conditioned during the lightening process.

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